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UK : seeing a Grand future in the mature market

THE few months in the early 1980s that Paul Bennett spent working in Saga Holidays’ public relations department changed the course of his life. It opened his eyes to the immense sales potential of holidays for older people – a vision that was to manifest itself in the launch of Grand UK Holidays for the over-55s. Bennett is still managing[Lire…]

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Buying Motivations of Our Generations

Why are people from the same generation so similar in their shopping motivations and habits? Are younger generations becoming less frugal and more spendthrift than their older counterparts?   ;   Argosy University/Seattle doctor of business administration graduate, Dr. Laura Portolese Dias, a shopping habits and trends researcher, reveals the motivational factors behind shopping which guides different generations of buyers.[Lire…]

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Older Australians lead surge in health insurance

Mature-aged people are leading a surge in private health insurance numbers. Memberships for those aged over 55 rose by almost 24,000 in the March quarter, after an increase of 31,000 in the December 2004 quarter, according to figures released today by the Private Health Insurance Administration Council. People with private health insurance including both hospital and/or ancillary-cover memberships now total[Lire…]

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Jean-Louis Beneton (Président) : Celyatis a été créée sur un mode de distribution de produits pour la santé et le bien être pour le grand public et les seniors

D’abord axée dur un mode de distribution web, Jean-Louis Beneton développe aujourd’hui les enseignes à travers plusiers magasins en France dont paris et Lyon.  Les seniors représentent 70 % de la clientèle de Celyatis et achètent pour eux ou leurs parents toutes sortes de produits liés à la santé et au bien-être. De nombreux projets de développement sont en cours dont la création de partenariats avec[Lire…]

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La population vieillissante au Brésil

La population du Brésil a progressivement vieilli à tel point que pour 100 jeunes il y a aujourd’hui 25 seniors, selon l’institut de statistiques de gouvernement, IBGE, qui a indiqué que les plus de 60 as représentent maintenant 9.7% de population totale de plus de 182 millions de personnes. L’espérance de vie améliorée, qui est montée de 67.7 ans en[Lire…]

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UK : Ageing population will have serious implications for the provision of cancer services

Areas that already have ageing populations will see the biggest increases in numbers of elderly people, according to the 20-year forecast based on population data compiled by the UK Association of Cancer Registries.   The changes will have serious implications for the provision of cancer services, with some areas likely to need extra resources to cope with their growing cancer[Lire…]

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Challenging the Paradigm of the Elder Care Industry

Every once in a while, someone comes along and challenges a system and won’t take, “…because that’s the way we’ve always done it…” at face value. The owner of Senior Approved Services, Barbara Mascio, is doing just that. In fact, her company is making waves in the elder care industry.   ;   Barbara states that she wanted to develop[Lire…]

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US : Baby boomers volunteers ?

The nation’s 77 million post-World War II baby boomers can live longer, happier lives by trading leisure in their golden years for volunteer community service, according to a study released yesterday by the Harvard School of Public Health and the MetLife Foundation. The two organizations also announced that they were launching a national campaign to encourage boomers to volunteer with[Lire…]

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Un costume pour donner de la force aux personnes âgées… Silver Economie

Un costume pour donner de la force aux personnes âgées… Silver Economie

Les ingénieurs de l’Université des sciences de Tokyo et une entreprise du secteur privé ont mis au point un « costume » qui donne de la force aux personnes qui ont besoin de soulever des objets lourds. Le dispositif robotique a été développé par une équipe dirigée par Hiroshi Kobayashi, un professeur en intelligence mécanique et en systèmes mécaniques. Ce costume permet de soulever un objet de[Lire…]

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US : Baby boomers won’t retire early

Want to feel extra cheerful about your career prospects? Take a look at recent pronouncements from the U.S. Census Bureau, the General Accounting Office and the National Bureau of Economic Research. They’re all predicting that the waves of retiring boomers will leave the United States with a perpetual labor shortage starting in about 2011. The GAO went as far as[Lire…]

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