; i-unit OverviewThe “i-unit” is a form of “personal mobility” that seeks to attain a greater balance of meeting individuals’ wishes to enjoy freedom of movement, harmony with society, and harmony with the Earth’s natural environment. Concept“Expanding Human Abilities”This union of driver and vehicle is intended to expand human abilities and possibilities. Theme“Inspire the Individual”Making a better world with mobility leading the way to a greater bond between people and the planet.Movement expands our world by creating possibilities and encounters among nature, society, people and culture. Movement brings us new sensations, discoveries and acquaintances, enabling individuals to lead fuller lives and cultivating a sense of belonging with the planet. Design Theme“The Leaf”The design, inspired by the leaf that converts sunlight into life energy, seeks to express the power of the unknown, the logic of living things and the simple beauty of waste-free functionality. source: TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION. All Rights Reserved ___________________________ Just as the invention of the Segway changed public perception about personal transportation, Toyota’s I-Unit will surely change the way we see transportation for older adults and the disabled. The I-Unit which was conceived as a « personal concept vehicle » for all, is a particularly good mobility option for the

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