You are the founder of PeterAlex Media Corporation. Could you please introduce the agency? PeterAlex Media Corporation (PAM) was founded by Patricia Fletcher. PeterAlex Media is one of the only advertising and public relations agency that is devoted exclusively to helping age-based organizations, healthcare and alternative medicine companies build relationships with the Mature Market consumer. Our affiliations and memberships with professional organizations and leading researchers keep us up to date with trends and segmentation. What differentiates PeterAlex Media from other advertising agencies? Unlike many advertising agencies, we specialize only in the 50-plus consumer. We have the experience and understanding of the mature marketplace and spot valuable strategies that will help companies: Identify what segments have the greatest opportunities for the product or service; create messages that connect to the core value of the target segment. Our grassroots campaigns offer integrated marketing solutions that build strong relations with this segment based on their life values. What companies hire your services? Do they only target Senior citizens and Baby Boomers? Our client list includes companies that offer products and services designed to mitigate aging. As well as those companies that realizes the demographic shift and wants to add this segment to their marketing

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