The Baby Boomer segment of the travel market, in terms of expenditure, will continue to grow over the coming decades, while Generation X is fast becoming a driving force. The smaller Generation Y tends to stay at home, having become "slaves to the screen". Delegates to the 55th Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Annual Conference learned this during the April 25 plenary session on "Baby Boomers and the Challenge of Generations X & Y", moderated by Editor of PATA Premier Partner magazine TIME International. Asian Demographics CEO & Director Dr Clint Laurent said Asia is not a "young market", as many may think. For example, China (PRC)’s one-child policy has created a numeric imbalance between older and younger generations in the same way that the Baby Boomers generation has in Japan. Dr Laurent said the region holds multiple segments based on age and affluence, and he grouped countries with similar demographics: ** Japan has the largest and most affluent Baby Boomer market ** The over-40 segment in Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei and Korea (ROK) is climbing the fastest ** 1% of China’s 200 million Baby Boomers have a "reasonable sum of money and time" ** India has the youngest market.

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