Once a fraction of the $3.7 trillion IRA market, self-directed IRAs are now the fastest growing segment. Roughly 75% of new retirees roll their 401K retirement accounts into IRAs they control and can diversify beyond stocks and bonds. Angry investors ask, “Why didn’t my CPA tell me?” The ability to invest IRA funds in real estate is an unintentional secret, with few financial professionals well-versed in the process. Investors are often furious to belatedly learn that it’s possible, asking why their CPA or financial planner didn’t offer it as an option earlier. The money management community, including tax attorneys, real estate professionals, CPAs and financial planners, holds the myth that it’s too complicated, but San Francisco-based PENSCO Trust debunks the theory with the nation’s first ever self-directed IRA symposium for professionals. By attending presentations and panel discussions by world-class tax, investment and real estate experts, financial advisors will gain the information they need to expand their services and accommodate their clients’ demand for real estate and private equity investments. The media is welcome to attend this important event. National Symposium on Self-Directed IRAshttp://pensco.com/symposium/2005_SymposiumSponsor.asp 10/20 – 10/21/05, Westin St. Francis Hotel in San FranciscoContinuing education credits available12 top speakers including Ed

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