( based in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA has introduced esthetic based products, related information and learning resources to address Baby Boomer’s life stage driven needs and desires. Developmental psychologists say Baby Boomers are entering into the fall of life where the appreciation of beauty and nature, interest in spirituality, and a renewed focus on learning is taking on significantly greater importance. During this life stage, satisfaction shifts progressively away from a focus on things to a focus on life balance. is in the business of esthetics, or the appreciation of beauty. offers some of the finest quality bronze sculpture, figurines, water fountains and Chinese Art available. According to Stephen Babcock, President of, “Beautiful works of art and nature are transformational; they help us reconnect with what’s important in life. A beautiful sculpture or figurine can capture the imagination and the natural flow of water over stone is serene and reinvigorating.” “We know there is an increased interest in products with high artistic values and their associated information and we are working to address our customers’ needs and desires for these products and services.” Baby Boomers are the new customer majority and are projected to remain

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